Apple & Google: Magic & Logic

Interesting quote

For Apple, “the notion is that brand advertising needs to have a component of art in it, for that emotional reach,” Mr Gillis said. “Google’s mentality is not to put art into the ad. Google’s mentality is to use the algorithm to deliver the ad.”

To me, it seems spot on.

For Apple, advertising/marketing is about magic, emotion.

Google – logic, technology.

I know which one I’d prefer.


6 responses to “Apple & Google: Magic & Logic

  1. I’d prefer some cake right about now

  2. talkingdigital

    Les is that you? The old Les is more!

  3. I think each have their place on the media schedule and obviously deliver very different results

  4. I’m back, and this time- it’s personal…

  5. I think we can guess which one you prefer – I wonder which is the more effective?

    Sure Apple sells a lot of kit, but Google makes more money.

  6. I gues its the difference between:

    i) Sell me something I need (Google)


    ii) Convince me I need something and then sell it to me

    I know which I prefer..

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