ninemsn is looking for a Head of Content Integration

Was made aware of this interesting role over the weekend. Ninemsn is looking for a Head of Content Integration.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of ninemsn and believe they have some great senior staff and a great leader in Joe Pollard. This role reports to Nicholas Gray – who is now ninemsn Sales Director – but previously was Head of Strategy and CFO … which says a lot about how they’re approach business development in a more strategic manner.

From the position description

“This role resides within the Commercial organisational structure, reporting directly to the National Sales Director, and is the link between product development, content integration and sales.”

Full job ad on seek here –

This sort of role I think is a smart one for a few reasons

– it places someone with a commercial leaning between product and business development
– it needs someone with a strategic lean who is also strong tactically and in situations where strong implementation is required
– it’s a “commercialising creativity” type of role – a rare skillset but important

Good role. Senior role. In one of Australia’s best media organisations. Curious? Have a look.


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