When did ‘not getting fired’ become a strategy?

I was watching the election coverage on Saturday with friends and we were discussing that it was a reasonably dire situation when you couldn’t find even a scrap of inspiration from your political representitives.

My comment was that it would be hard in any environment to find inspiration from a bunch of people making decisions based on the premise of ‘not being fired.’

The poltical world seems to revolve around not taking risks, decision by committee and not rocking the boat.

Sort of like the media and advertising world right now.

It’s hard to be brave and take risks. Whilst there’s a big upside there’s seen to be an equally large downside and the potential to be exposed.

It’s much easier to do what is expected, however boring, and ensure by not challenging anyone you keep your job.

It’s the strategy of ‘not getting fired’.

It creates safe experiences which neither inspire nor frustrate. It’s an aim to create indifference.

Big ideas aren’t dead. They are as alive and vital as ever. They’re just risky if you exist in a culture of ‘not getting fired.’A big idea requires someone to back the idea and take some responsibility if it doesn’t come off.  A big idea requires a leap of faith. A big idea requires a lot of work around both the magic area of persuasion and the logic side. Big ideas are hard.

‘Not getting fired’ strategy is generally a comfortable compromise that requires all involved to cover the ideas merit even if it doesn’t work in order to protect those involved. Generally its based on logic and numbers and supported by that well known creative inspiration, Roy Morgan.

Why are risks so frowned upon in media?


One response to “When did ‘not getting fired’ become a strategy?

  1. I couldn’t agree more… When will politicians learn you can’t please all of the people all of the time?

    Is that what we as publishers try to do? Do we continue to try to keep all consumers, agencies and clients happy, without telling a client/agency that what they want to do won’t work, and just take the revenue?

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