An Epic August for Sound Alliance

Forgive me in advance for a bit of boasting … but I am as proud as punch as I sit here writing this, as our August traffic for Sound Alliance was incredible.

Domestic UBs for our sites hit 710k, total UBs just under 1.1m. Page Impressions up 7% to 9.6m across all sites.

We had improvements in our key metrics

– branded traffic (ie direct traffic, or through brand related search terms)
– page impressions per user
– User Duration
– User Sessions
– Sessions per user

FasterLouder had a record traffic month, reaching 213k unique browsers. Inthemix increased to 324k UBs, SameSame and Hype Machine reached 70k each and Mess&Noise 56k users.

The creative arm, Thought By Them, is in the middle of some exciting projects for our clients as well as involvement in new projects and realising ideas.

Inthemix50 takes place this week – Australia’s premiere DJ poll – and inthemix is teaming up with Sneakerpeeps to present Ricardo Villalobos‘s first AU club shows in 8 years in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our content across the board is flying – with massive traffic around key event launches that Sound Alliance properties were first to break. Inthemix was first to break the Good Vibrations launch lineup and we’ve seen significant traction around our coverage of Tron Legacy, Stereosonic, Armin Only and Parklife. FasterLouder had the best content around Splendour in The Grass and the upcoming rock festivals. SameSame is seeing increases every month and is currently filming Ski Camp in NZ. Hype Machine is continuing to be THE go-to destination for the worlds hottest music, getting the world exclusive on the new Royskopp LP.

The momentum of the group is solid heading into the warmer months. We are months away from numerous significant additions and enhancements to the group – technological, creatively, commercially and content wise – which will result in an improved experience for our users and partners. These are all things I can’t wait to share.


3 responses to “An Epic August for Sound Alliance

  1. good work Shep

  2. hey mate..

    really fantastic blog.. but don’t think ITM broke the good vibrations line-up first aye..

    was two days before this….

    maybe there was some ‘break’ on ITM before that news piece.. so correct me if i’m wrong… just sayin’…

    keep up the good work!

  3. good point jonny – i was aware of the ID3 tag issue (double oops for those involved) … what I should have said was ITM was the first to break the story based on a media provider accidentally posting the event artwork the day before the announcement. thanks for the clarification – polaroids of androids was in fact first to sleuth the lineup.

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