Well, hello

Hello everyone. It’s been a while.

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided it’s not the worst time to start writing on the blog again.

Why? Well, there’s a lot of things happening around media, technology and digital that is interesting me. I started blogging to share interesting things and always felt that as long as things kept interesting me I would keep writing it.

Unfortunately it wasn’t quite that easy. Over the past 12 months the blog was on hiatus due to a number of reasons – none of which were related to a lack of interesting things to write about. My day job at Sound Alliance is one that keeps me pretty busy. It’s a dynamic media company with lots of interesting people, clients and brands operating in an intensely competitive and constantly changing space. As it grows and evolves it demands, rightly, a lot of attention. In the past 2+ years the business has evolved greatly and these changes require work and planning, which is exciting.

Secondly, I returned to university part-time in 2011. I studied Business in the late 90’s and felt the need to re-enter the world of study in my spare time. So I am undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology with a Major in Management. The reason I have chosen Psychology is that I feel to be successful in media and/or advertising you need to have a thorough understanding of people, and my feeling is Psychology offers this.

I guess I have the next 8 years to work out whether the above is correct. So far it’s been incredibly interesting.

On top of this, throughout last year I was seeing about 200 people come through each week on archived content, and there’s still over 1,000 people who subscribe to the blog via email. That gave me some confidence I’d done something right and can hopefully continue with it.

Anyway – as mentioned above there is no shortage of interesting things and people to cover. And I want to cover these things and in the process, ideally become more inspired myself. So the aim is to have 2 blogs per week – one a perspective/op-ed type piece and the other a Q&A with someone interesting. It could be a developer, a creative, or a entrepreneur, or a media person … it ultimately could be anyone as long as they’re someone that serves to inspire.

First post kicks off next week with a Q&A with Katie May, founder of Kidspot. In addition, if there’s anyone you find interesting, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I first met Katie back in early 2007 as her and her launch team were developing Kidspot. I was at Mindshare at the time and Ford were the first large scale advertiser to realise the potential of the concept and audience. Katie invited me to present to the board later that year on some observations around digital and media. A lot has happened in that 5 year period for Katie and Kidspot.

I’ll also continue to contribute my monthly column for Encore magazine and regular pieces for Business Spectator.

Hope you enjoy Talking Digital and I’d love to hear your feedback either via email shepherdieu at gmail dot com or via the comments field.


7 responses to “Well, hello

  1. Looking forward to the new posts Ben. Are your Encore pieces online?

  2. talkingdigital

    Hey Simon … I don’t believe so but I’d like to get them up there.

  3. Fantastic welcome back
    Love your wok!

  4. Russell Easther

    Great to have you back Ben. Looking forward to your insights into the ever changing industry.

  5. Chance check across the web for interesting commentary and saw your back. Nice work mate, always enjoyed your blog.

  6. Nice one Shep. Welcome back.

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