Fantastic Delites – A PR fail worth a mention

Woke up to this email from a kind reader who had a video to share with me. Something crazy had happened and he just happened to be in the crowd and wanted me to be across it. Amazing!

I clicked the link and it takes me to a “viral video” for Fantastic Delites snacks. Hrm okay. The video is neither hilarious nor do I really think most people would enjoy it enough to sit through it. 

Weirdly it was sent to my work email – of which there is no mention on this blog.

Email below. Surely there has to be better ways of promoting these ‘viral videos’ than this … try harder guys.


I’ve been visiting Talking Digital for a few months now and really like it! I’m reaching out to you because of a video on youtube that I thought your other readers may enjoy. It’s a video of a crazy vending machine put in a mall in Australia that gets people to do hilarious things in order to get a snack for free.

The neat part of this story is I actually am in the crowd in part of the clip, so I’m pretty excited about it all! It was pretty crazy I happened upon a big group of people surrounding the machine and random dancing haha.

The video can be viewed here:

Hope you post,
Name removed

Well mate, you got your wish. I did post it.



7 responses to “Fantastic Delites – A PR fail worth a mention

  1. sure the distribution of the video didn’t go viral but the activation in the mall looked pretty successful to me. I’ve never heard of the snack food but those people were going for it – and the size of the crowd watching them: unbelievable for an unknown snack food (which probably tastes like salty cardboard). If I was the client I’d be happy with the event.

  2. talkingdigital

    i didn’t think it was bad or good but it cheapens it with fake ‘fan’ emails to blogs/media trying to get attention. The better approach would be to get someone from their PR agency to be upfront about what they’ve done.

  3. But you still posted it…

  4. Hahaha it sounds totally legit and not like a fake press release! I mean, I’d also think it was ‘neat’ if I was in the crowd. I’d also think it was ‘neat’ if I ‘happened’ on a bunch of people. Anyway, hope you post! Dave

  5. talkingdigital

    chris – posting something doesn’t mean it worked, despite what many ppl think.

  6. I think it was targeted, on point and successful. If you can provide another example of this being a “template” email sent to a number of other local digital bloggers, fir enough. If not, perhaps it was just poorly worded and resulted in a ‘suspect feel’. Don’t knock the video, 2.4M views says it worked.

  7. talkingdigital

    I guess it depends where the views came from. Turning off public statistics tell me perhaps these views need a bit more investigation.

    Ultimately I guess what I think doesn’t matter, as long as it moved product.

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