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Talking Digital Q&A #11: Alan Kohler

You normally see Alan Kohler on the news. He has been a staple on the ABC’s 7pm bulletin for years, giving over 1m Australian’s their finance and business info every weeknight. He’s also on Inside Business every Sunday and has been the pre-eminent business journalist in Australia for the better part of the last 4 decades – via the AFR, The Age, SMH and on his own Business Spectator publication.

Lately, Kohler has been making the news. Reports of Fairfax and News jostling for acquisition of the Kohler led AIBM have been coming thick and fast. This week, it’s News that’s being reported to be in the lead at a rumoured $30m+ valuation. Continue reading


Kohler: “there is no wastage with online advertising”

Alan Kohler has written a piece on Crikey about the future of quality journalism … it’s a good read from a very smart guy.

However he is way off the mark with this statement. Way off.

Full article here -> http://www.crikey.com.au/Media-Arts-and-Sports/20090409-Kohler-a-flowering-of-journalism.html

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Where are our online celebrities????

Liam Walsh writes: Celebrities play a key role in acquiring audiences.

While most of them are dreadful they do pull audiences.

On the visually deficient media, commonly known as  radio, broadcasters can testify it is their DJ’s that pull audiences.

The same applies to television, and to some extent in magazines and newspapers (albeit to a lesser extent).

Fairfax are promoting some bloggers and News Limited have some photos of writers but how many pull an audience?

One of the few that actually has identifiable celebrities is BusinessSpectator.com.au with the ABC star Alan Kohler and Steve B (not ABC). I dont have the stats but all reports are that this site is only a year old and it’s reach is in the hundreds of thousands in only one year! That is amazing growth from zero.

Where are the celebrities online?

My colleague on this little blog, Ben,  is avalable for video opportunities and his fees quite reasonable.

Ben Shepherd writes: One thing that I was taken back by when I went to the US was the rise of the Internet Famous celebrity. Over there they have net celebrities by the suitcase.

Kevin Rose, Julia Allison, Gary V, Calcanis, Arrington, Sarah Lacy … and even Scoble (sigh) are intense self promoters that are always out there online flogging their wares.

Some I think have greater aspirations of mainstream media acceptance (Vaynerchuk, Lacy, Scoble) and some have mogul aspirations (Arrington and Calcanis) … and some are just popular with the web nerds (Rose).

Australia lacks these Internet Celebs … but it also lacks web content providers who have any sort of profile. Liam talks about Kohler and the Business Spectators – who are really the only example of online journalists who have a real following based on their by-line. This is also starting to happen across the Crikey/Private Network as well – with Eric Beecher building traffic and businesses based on strength of content. As a result they are making big inroads on Fairfax’s AB audience (if you buy Private Media and The Australian you are getting a real chunk of real ABs now, and you don’t even need to go near Fairfax …)

Do AU internet based journo’s have much pull with their audience? I’d argue not really. I’ve never heard a large  publisher even mention the name of one of their writers as a way of showing their connection to an audience. Most of Fairfax’s great writers are buried under a plethora of feeds from AAP and the like … News Limited will push their writers on a site such as The Australian, but news.com.au not so much.

Personally, eventually there will be a need for publishers to differentiate … and strength of content and the trust that generates with the users seems like a good place to start. Who’s going to get the ball rolling?