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Why doesn’t Twitter have local AU advertising sales?

For the past 12 months, Twitter’s Australian usage has remained around 2m people per month. That’s 2m people – not 2m unique browsers – and that’s consistent (plus or minus 5% either way) since mid 2011 (according to Nielsen).

And the user engagement is decent. 6+ visits per month, almost 30 mins spent on the twitter.com site per month. (source, again Nielsen)

Add mobile traffic and the third party clients (Hootsuite etc) and the number is probably closer to 2.5m, maybe 3m.

So … here is this platform doing very solid, consistent numbers in Australia. It has a lot of data on its users and even now still has a tonne of hype. Combine that with its relatively sluggish US revenue (in comparison to its current valuation) and Australia’s relatively high yield when it comes to digital advertising (far higher than the US and the majority of Europe) and it’s odd that Twitter hasn’t done what Facebook has done in Australia and set up a sales only office. Continue reading


Freeview TV ad looks eerily familiar

Ben Shepherd writes: Has anyone seen this? It’s the new ad for Australia’s Freeview TV group


Notice it’s the same concept as this Ford Fiesta UK ad, or is it just me … 



Liam Walsh Writes: That is fantastic! I like my future of TV with a large amount of creativity, well someone else’s creativity in this case.